Monday, August 06, 2007

Sea Change

Yesterday was so depressing. I was lounging on my parents couch reading the arts section of the Milwaukee Journal and came across an article on Jeremy Blake and his partner, Theresa Duncan. Two beautiful and talented young individuals. Dead. Here's a brief one in the NY Daily News. And another more interesting. You could also read this.

When they mentioned that he did a piece for the movie Punch Drunk Love and the cover for Beck's "Sea Change", I immediately remembered his work. It's such a modern tragedy. It made me really quite sad. Some of us pine for not having that kind of connection with someone. Then there are two people who have the love, but don't make it in the world.

They mentioned her blog. I checked it out and it was and is great.

His mother called him a loyal 'caretaker'. How unbearable this world must have felt for him, when only a week after her suicide, he walked naked into the surf never to return to this life again. When I think of that lonely figure walking solitary into the blackness, I realize there is a depth of sadness in life most people never experience. R.I.P. Sweet tragic souls.

Like my friend's dad told me yesterday, "Things could always be worse." He's right.