Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was really psyched to hear that the English behemoth Tesco, was coming to America. Wal-Mart is quaking in their boots, rightfully so. Run for the hills, fuckers.

I love Tesco. Walk into a Tesco in London and smell REAL french bread dough FROM FRANCE, baking in the bakery. Another big fave for me was Tesco's bagged refrigerated soups, especially their Tomato Bisque. YUM! They also have the most fabulous shower gels. I can only hope they incorporate a few of these things here. But what would be really superb, is a ginormous selection of Cadbury products at the holidays...cookies, cakes and chocolates. I can dream.

Does dreaming keep us young? I don't know. According to Joan Collins, sex and lots of it, is the key to eternal youthfulness. She says you should have it as much as you can. A'ight. I'm all for that. It's amazing I haven't dried up and cracked into a million tiny pieces. WTF. What I really need to do is find myself a brand new lover...