Thursday, May 10, 2012

And When You Least Expect It...

Ms Mamma writes a blog post.

It's been so long, that they've changed the interface of blogger and I'm out of whack with it. Seriously.

My day job is extremely low paying and yet I get to fly off to locations and photograph world class athletes. Last month I was gone twice and did some of the most amazing work I've ever done.

I'm fortunate to be in a position where my house will be mine in less than two years. What I'm getting at, is that if you truly love what you do, it doesn't matter how much you get paid. I took a slew of amazing photographs in Atlanta of the chap who was just given the Madden cover.

Today I saw what the cover is going to look like and I thought I would hurl. Apparently just because you HAVE a zillion great images, you SHOULD in fact, try and cram every one, reduced to microsize on the cover. Drats. Disgusto.

What I'm hoping for is that my work catches someone's eye and I am wooed away with an offer of real money so I can take care of Snowflake for reals. I keep on trucking. My goal is to create cool, high end work for a bargain basement price and build my portfolio until it is bursting at the seams with eye popping goodness.

And as much as I appreciate the opportunity I've been given, I would JUMP at the chance to move on to bigger, brighter and better things. In the words of that all knowing sage, "Suck it, dude!"