Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School, Books & Love

Tonight Snowflake and I went to the Montessori School he will be starting next Tuesday. I'm so happy because he really dug being there for a visit and I loved the vibe. The teachers are so lovely and they're doing such wonderful things this year. There was a parent meeting while the kids played in another room, and I have to say, I felt quite verklempt at certain points... when they said they'd be taking the city bus to the library every other week, making a scrapbook of their year, going to the apple orchard at the end of next month etc.

At the end of the meeting and open house, we grabbed the 'mail' that was in each child's cubby. Along with some notes and a snack calendar, there was the Scholastic Book Order for September. I just finished looking through it and I started to cry. This was always one of my favorite things as a kid. My parents let me order all the books I wanted. Big Sigh I'm not a kid anymore. We will look through this together and I will try to remember that I am a mother now and time goes by way too fast. I can feel a giant lump of love heaving and throbbing in my chest for that little boy. It's overwhelming me right now.

(Snowflake! Quick! Do something naughty!)