Monday, March 28, 2011

Made by Dad

SF is up north for the week and Spring Breakin' with his grandparents. It's nice because I get a few moments to myself. After running with my new four legged trainer and then taking the gremlins for a two block stroll, I went to Goodwill.

I found a book about large sunken liners(SF's current obsession). Cool. I bought myself one of those embroidered abuela smock dresses. It's black and I can't wait to wear it with my old eight eyelet worn and weary red patent leather Docs. I'll look like some groovy weirdo, for sure.

I continued to look around and found myself in the "furniture" section. It's so pathetic. I have a found a few cool things there, but in general, this section is crap. There was this little 50's homemade footstool. It was reminiscent of Japan meets ranchero caballero! It was covered in nailhead tan Naugahyde. What kicked me though was the strip of yellow construction paper taped to the underside of the sturdy well made little piece: written in a medium point black felt tip marker in handwriting that reminded me of my Polish granny it said "Made by Dad."

I thought golldammit! How could you?! What the eff is wrong with people? This really wasn't some groady piece of junk. I thought right away I would buy it. Then I wavered. I am bent on being more of a minimalist, so it stayed behind. I felt sad leaving it behind. I hope someone appreciates it again.

Continuing on to the housewares section, I found my prize: a ceramic mod owl wind chime that we had when I was a kid. We had it for what seemed like forever and I really don't know what became of it. I'm not sure if my mother is reading this, but I am going to wrap it up and give it to her.

It reminds me of childhood, when we all still had everyone in our lives. Here is to the time we have with the ones we love. XO


devil dawg

Monday, March 07, 2011

Gnawing on Bones

Ups and downs. Ups and downs. I completed my goal on Saturday of finishing the Point Bock Run. So, yay me! I feel good about that. But right now I'm just a shloppity gloppity pile of goo. Let's just generically call this the fear of the unknown with the propensity for seeing the glass half full.

I had a photo shoot today and it went alright. I think there is usable material for the corporate world, but in general I think I suck. I am down in the valley. Way down.

I'm just gonna keep on doing my thing, whatever that is.

I feel sorry for my dogs. My life since losing my job and having a low paying new one combined with being a mother leaves them very little time for fun. Remember, it is winter. A backyard filled with dead soldiers whose only glory lies in seeing the light of the sun one last time before they are scooped or scraped away. Summer is coming and there will be time to play. I will try and make it up to them. The dogs, that is.