Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Think I Wanna Slap Myself

Snowflake and I have been having some issues lately, mostly whacking and sassing. I am so tired of being the stern bitchmaster, I could puke. Where is the fun? Everyday is a new day, kids. EVERYDAY. With that in my heart I sprung out of bed this morning and after delivering Hellboy to Little Explorers, I worked out.

After I finished my Nautilus, I was on the eliptical and "One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's Nest" was on one of the sets. I saw dear old Mr. Cheswick, the man I named The Chidler after. He is "Charleston the Puck of Cheswick." They are all so young, so young. Nurse Ratchett is dare I say, beautiful. THat doesn't change how much I hate her. Die Nurse Ractchett, DIE! Killjoy.

I felt pretty low, even after three miles and 400 calories. I spoke with my mom and she told me that one of the guys that works for us didn't come in today. Last year he and his wife adopted a baby boy. She is now experiencing extreme kidney failure(this is her third kidney and they will not give her another). Things look very, very, bad.

He left a message on the machine at work in tears.

All of the stuff I bemoan and bitch about isn't so fucking bad after all. Let me just get over myself today. Jesus.