Saturday, June 10, 2006


The green bursts wide open, thickly, blades of grass clump and form the lawn of summer. The yellow daffodil, a Spring remembrance, heralds the way for heirloom iris and the beautiful white valleys of the lily. Remember the lilac, fresh and purple, gone already as the Catalpa buds, with lanky beans of fresh sproutling seeds, leading to the alabaster blossoms of weddings.

Pavement fresh and gray, forgetting the snow crusted walkway. What is yellow snow? I forget as I push the stroller past the Tasty Treat, pulling the dog away from the ice cream of strangers.

The flesh of youth, ripe and raw, tan and toasted just right, riding by on bicycles. Is that bleached Fruit of the Looms or the top of their actual ass skin peeping out of the waistband of their Levi's? That will never be my order again. Buzz cut and half naked, they laugh as they glide by saying,

"Ice cream makes you sterile!"

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the Godfather said...

valleys of the lily? Have to run to do some errands but cannot wait to get back and read your other blogs....beautiful writing, Heidi !!!

maybe we can chat later today


Lotus said...

sounds like a great early summer day. hope today is productive or relaxing. Whatever you're striving for ;)

J said...

Spring is always such a relief after the long, dark, cold winter. Whew. I remember when we lived in Alaska, the saying was "Don't eat yellow snow." Have you and snowflake ever made snow ice cream? You get a bunch of CLEAN, WHITE snow, and mix it with vanilla and sugar, I's been over 30 years for me...but it's good. Not creamy like ice cream, but fun and a great way to celebrate winter.

Now I tell you, right? Maybe you can find a recipe and try it next winter. For now, spring has sprung!

Lotus said...

p.s. like the new layout :)

Dana said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! You live in Wisconsin also? What a small world. I'm having fun reading your entries! :)

MsMamma said...

J I am going to try that! Thanks, Lotus! I like looking at my mama all happy summer siren like, hee hee. Cool, Dana! Cool!