Thursday, June 15, 2006

The First Visitor to Nirvana

fountain bug
Bug against the green shimmer between water & stone

feeling it out
Riding the lip of discovery in my paradise.

ps...It's a good thing you weren't found exploring the kitchen floor or the side of my tub, sweet nuisance. If that were the case, you'd be squished in a paper towel and out with the trash. I would have freaked and said, "Fucking creepy bug", but you're so beautiful. Does everything happen for a reason?

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rachael said...

You're braver than I. I have a SERIOUS aversion to insects. I KNOW they're useful and pretty in their own delicate way. . .but they STILL FREAK ME OUT. I won't kill them though. Even the scariest bug I still catch in a plastic container and let out the door! ;-) It's pretty sad because I grew up on a farm. . .you'd think I'd be immune to bug fright by now!!!

ps. Thanks for the nice note! It was a tough day and I REALLY needed that.

Dana said...

Those pictures are beautiful! So close!

MsMamma said...

Depending on my mood, the size and how gross one is, I may try to get it outside. Most of the time it's like "Keeeel it! Keeeeeel it!" I'm scared of them, yes. Outside I can run away. Inside, they can get away and I don't know where they might be. Creepy.

Thanks, Dana. This one reminds me a little of the stone it walks upon. Lots of texture and jeez, I suppose a whole helluva lotta crunch if you ate it. Yuckies.