Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Because I'm impulsive and easily distracted at work, I seem to surf the web for interesting items to deplete my checking account thus rendering myself to a kind of check to check joie de vivre. Yesterday, savvy Annie stopped by and we got to talking about these. I think we both first saw them on Mama C-Ta's site, worn by the adorable Cricket.

Although they probably look the best on younger babies, they claim one size fits newborns to 10 years old. Now that's the kind of s-t-r-e-t-c-h I'm talking about! Yes, believe it or not these ARE the jeans I wore in college.

Who am I to deprive Snowflake of some crazy cool baby legwarmers?

I did buy him a pair of the flames so that he could wear them when he rides his red seated Like A Bike. I didn't stop there. I had to get him the Union Jack pair and a funky multicolor stripe set. I'm sure they will look adorable with his still fleshy, bulbous baby thighs. And if they don't? Annie's new bambina will just have a nice start on a punk rock baby girl wardrobe.