Monday, June 26, 2006

Those About to Rock

Snowflake does a soundcheck

the who
And channels John Entwistle

The Babylegs arrived faster than the speed of light on Saturday. I immediately dolled the boy up and went for a walk. Later in the evening, Nana showed up and we decided to take him to a local Polka Fest for some deep fried cheese curds/death bombs. I could tell by her look she did not approve of the baby's legs.

In true rockstar fashion, Snowflake entertained the masses(the Geritol Set), dancing and spinning to music only he could hear on the giant deserted wood outdoor dance floor while the band took a break. He ripped two holes in his babylegs in a frenzy, conjuring images in my head of Jennifer Beals going crazy to "Maniac" in Flashdance. I was thinking, WOW. Just WOW.

"They're cute, but maybe Babylegs just aren't for him," my mother says as I strap him into the Slaab.

"You're just saying that because you think they're girly. We definitely live in the wrong place," I snap, defending my son's baby leg warmers. I cannot help the fact that he is as cute as a girl and I refuse to cut his curly locks. Secretly I was thinking, maybe they aren't boyly enough, maybe they are a tad froufy. I convinced myself otherwise and thought they'd be totally BADASS in ballet class if I sign him up. I want my guy to be a rugged individualist, willing to honor personal choice and difference among peers, even if it means wearing some very cute, very different clothes as a baby. He will be choosing his own togs soon enough.

This is still my time.

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glamgranola said...

I think they ROCK!

MsMamma said...

They totally kick arse!

Jimmy said...

I'm trying to be open minded about this. Please don't get the little fella a Tutu.

J said...

Yeah, dress him while you can. Maya hates my taste in clothes for her now. She likes to borrow MY clothes, which won't fit her correctly for awhile, but for her? Not so much. So enjoy!

And, um, they're hella cute.

christine said...

They are cute. I don't see anything wrong with them whatsoever. You are right, they would look good on my Wamba's chubchub thighs. There's a store near my home in Chanhassen that sells them. I'm going this week! I'll post pix on my blog when I got her little thighs wrapped like striped sausages! PS, DONT cut his hair.

jill said...

I must admit, I am so not into the babylegs craze...I have always thought they were kinds silly...but he does look like an adoarable little rocker!!!

the Godfather said...

If Ashton can wear a kilt and flip-flops then True can wear his Babylegs proudly. I think there fun...but to be honest you wouldn't catch me wearing them....well, maybe in winter in Wisconsin they might be cozy.

Ted said...

I agree, dress him how you want! Who cares what others think. There's plenty of time for the "uniform of the day" when he gets into school and wants to look like everyone else. :-)

I had a friend who was at a party swimming with his toddler son. As they were getting out of the pool and he wrapped his son in a pink towel. One of the grandmothers at the pool said "Don't wrap him in pink, he'll become gay." My friend didn't miss a beat: "Oh, we're raising him gay!" was his reply.


MsMamma said...

Very funny! Now you know I'm gonna have to use that one sometime, Ted! That is one of the BEST retorts I've ever heard! Love it!

crystal said...

Those pictures are so adorable! I think he looks cute in them. Future rock star right there!