Monday, June 12, 2006


I really wanted to put a Camaro

the abyss
Up on cinder blocks here. Or maybe an eight foot SAT-E-LITE dish.

All I could say when I pulled into my driveway this evening was,

extreme holy shit
Holy Shit! Holy extreme backyard makeover SHIT!

Godfather, I won't be thinking of you in Greece on Wednesday.
But you can still bring me the tchotchkes, lots and lots of tchotchkes.

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J said...

A broken tricycle would still fit...

Nice yard, though. :)

glamgranola said...

I drove by today and saw it ...AWESOME. Are you still having my over for N/A pina coladas under the pergola????

MsMamma said...

Thanks, gracias! I am in heaven, HEAVEN I tell you! It's my little Nirvana back there! And of course we'll have pina coladas! Thanks for stopping by and giving me some insight today, BTW. That was so nice. :)