Thursday, April 12, 2007

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!
For some reason, when I'm caving to the pressure of being a sexually frustrated single mother and delusional photographer, something zings into my inbox, and it's not a penis.

You can imagine my delight and giddiness when I returned from a quick trip into the countryside to drop off Snowflake like a very naughty stray dog you regret bringing home(he luckily fell asleep and what satisfaction is there in leaving a sleeping baby three year old at the side of the road?).

When I returned and checked my email, there was a note from Mommy is the New Black, informing me she had nominated me for a Blogger's Choice Award for Best Photo Blog.

Thanks, you Stylin' multi-tasking mamma! She was also nominated for Best Shopping Blog.

I was shocked. I replied to her that my blog is a virtual junk drawer of hidden delights. I love to take photos. It's the one thing that causes me no stress. Thanks to her I am refreshed and reminded that I need to take lots of chill pills, often.