Monday, April 09, 2007

A Guy On "Girl On Girl Action"

My co-worker, Paco and I are avid fans of Bravo. And no, he's not gay. He's married to a wonderful chiquita who happens to be my prima(cousin). His favorite is "Top Chef" and mine is "Project Runway." Lately we've been catching "Top Design" and "Workout."

Out of all four I just can't believe the amount of drama involved with "Top Design." You'd think the gay fashion designers would be the worst, but you'd be wrong. Gay interior designers are way more hard to get along with. They have more 'team work' issues and are more likely to blame someone else if their design fails. I can feel an anxiety attack coming on just watching them.

Anyway, one afternoon last week we had "Workout" on. It revolves around the life of a smoking hot lesbian named Jackie Warner who owns a kick ass gym in Hollywood called "Sky Sport." Not only is she sexy, she's multi-talented and smart. She has a hot tempered South American empanada/girlfriend named Mimi. But they just finally broke up. You get the idea.

It was on the tele and I was sitting in my 'orifice' reading a newspaper when I heard the floorplan checker come in. Paco was sitting at the reception desk, plunking away on the Mac.

Floor Plan Checker: Hey, Hi. Where is serial # 97850?

Paco: That's at out other location. (meanwhile a raging fight takes place between Mimi and Jackie in the background).

Floor Plan Checker: What are you watching here? What is THAT?

Paco: Umm, ahhh, ugh, err... I have no idea.

Me: Come on Paco, you KNOW what it is! ( I can't see him, but I know he's turning red)
It's called "Workout" and it's about a lesbian who owns a gym in Hollywood.

Floor Plan Checker: Oh. Man the stuff that's on TV today. You guys have a good weekend.

The Floorplan checker leaves and I bust out laughing.

"what IS that?" I say mimicking the FPC and continue with the deadpan, studly reply,

"I have NO idea," then laugh hysterically.

Believe me, Paco is into the girl on girl action. He was just too proud to admit he's a reality show and lesbian lover.