Saturday, April 14, 2007

She's Having a Baby

"Hello dahling!

I saw my Dr. yesterday and all seems well "down
under". Ye Old Cervix is still short and stubby (just
like mamma) but is still holding tight! The
contractions are still happening, but I guess my
uterus is a lot like me - it likes to be prepared!!
So, I am officially off of bed rest, returning to work
half days on Monday. Which, is probably why I
couldn't sleep!! Woke up thinking about work at here I am at 5 am on the computer, mind
racing, uterus contracting, reviewing my to-do-list.

I did go and vote for your blog!! So although I am
irrational at this early hour, at least I am being
productive! You do have some great photos on there!
I am going to go back right now and try to bring up
some of your archives so I can see True's haircut.

Have yourself a lovely Friday. I will be around all
day and all weekend if you feel like chatting! Miss
you and love you!

- C

-An email from my sweet and hilarious friend who apparently is on the verge of serious nesting. She's NOT stubby, she's petite and gorgeous. She's having a baby. I think she should have a blog. Love you, girlfriend!-