Saturday, March 10, 2007


Almost two weeks ago the loveliest Manitoulinian tagged me for this quick and easy food meme. Let's eat!

1. What's your #1 comfort food? Buttered Toast with Tea

2. If you were on a deserted island, what one food would you want to have with you? Almonds

3. What is/are your signature dishes? (What dishes are you 'known' for?) I'm known for steak au poivre although I haven't had it in over seven years. I like to cook and am actually very good at it, I just don't do it enough.

4. It's Friday night, you don't know what to cook. You opt for...panfried noodles w/ chili & soy sauce

5. What's your biggest weakness when it comes to food? Pizza, pizza, pizza. I'll do anything for a pizza, almost. Pizza is my substitute for sex and this is why I seem to have maintained some baby phat.

6. What food can you absolutely not eat? Uni, sweet meats, innards, tongues, etc.

7. You need a drink. You grab a....bottle of agua, maybe some Orangina if I have it. When in Rome, it's definitely red wine. If I'm feeling like working for a drink, I make the best margaritas, maybe on the whole planet.

8. What's the most decadent dish you've had? Bananas Foster flamed table side at the Old Towne Inn in Montego Bay. It's not that they were so decadent as it was the gorgeous surroundings combined with the fact that Ian Fleming among others was a regular diner here.

9. What's your favorite type of food? Hello! Pizza Slut, here. Mexican, too.

10. Favorite dish? I love romaine lettuce with toasted pecans, apple chunks, red onion, a few golden raisins, a fistful of blue cheese crumbles(Black River) topped with raspberry vinagrette.

11. If your partner could take you to any restaurant you wanted, which one would it be? I would love to go back to Nirvana at the top of one of the Helmsley Hotels overlooking Central Park.

12. Are you a soup or salad person? I think salad, but I could change my mind.

13. Buffet, take-out or sit-down restaurant? I like to be served and served well. Buffets are for oinkers unless it's some primo pizza bonanza. Then I'm an oinker, BIG TIME.

14. What's the most impressive dinner you've ever made? Chicken Kiev with Twice baked Potatoes, Caesar Salad and Espresso Cheescake.

15. Do you consider yourself a good cook? I think I'm okay :) Actually, I think I'm pretty darn good, but I just didn't want to sound like a snob! I don't enough.

16. Do you know what vichyssoise is? Uhhh...yeah!! I never made it though.

17. Who's your favorite TV cook? I loved PBS' Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter. But if I had to pick now, it would be Anthony Bourdain.

18. Can you name at least three TV cooking personalities? Let's go old skool with Julia Childs(rip), Jacques Pepin and Wolfgang Puck.

19. Homemade or homemade from a box? Homemade from scratch, of course! I have a microwave in the basement for popcorn, only(okay, sometimes nachos).

20. Name 3 or more other foodies you are going to tag. I'm tagging J, even though this is a little simple for what I think she is like as far as "foodieism" is concerned and she deserves the link love for her fabulous non self absorbed blog.

Lotus(are you out there?) because she too has great taste, an experienced pallete and takes amazing photos of her freshly prepared eats.
And how about Jimmy, because don't we all want to know what Jimmy eats? Oh and Annie because she's attempting to blog for a month straight. Good luck! If anyone else wants to throw in their two cents(Gemellen, Cynical or Curiosity(although I kind of know your tastes) I'm just spreading some link love to my bleeps(like peep although someone somewhere has probably coined this) please do because I'd be fascinated!)