Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Somebody Approves of Me

I know I'm on repeat here. But hey! I was approved for adoption...the adoption of a 6-7 month old boxer boy that came from a high kill shelter in Chicago. SF and I will schlep the pugs in the landship and head south about an hour to meet him on Saturday. If everything gels, he will have his forever home. This is the photo from Petfinder. He already weighs 50 lbs. He also has his long natural tail. He really looks like a German style boxer and not AKC. I can actually say "He's so Euro" as a REAL sentence!

SF wants to call him Scooby. For some reason, I think that name might just stick. Lord grant me the patience to deal with big dogs that aren't housebroken. I also hope this isn't doing any disservice to the memory of the one and only Chidler. I just can't be without a boxer. Life is too short.

Love, Heidi

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