Sunday, January 10, 2010

And My Little Dogs, Too

I tried to take the pugs for a walk this morning. I bundled them up and they only made it a block and a half before they started freezing up. Those from The North would recognize the leg going up and the hobbling on three legs. I had to get them to jog so they'd snap out of it.

I sure miss my Chidle Bug. He was so hearty and cute.

It's just really weird not having a big dog in the house. It was always nice knowing that he was downstairs when I slept, guarding my little abode from intruders and ghosts. I've never been scared to be alone, but the house just feels different now. No one would really be intimidated by Frank and Ginger. Although as we all know, Clams Casino is an attack pug. Multum in parvo, as they say.

Love, Heidi

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