Monday, January 18, 2010


Okay. I've been a real fiend when it comes to looking at dogs since December. I can't explain it. Maybe it does have something to do with falling off the horse. I filled out an application for a boxer(origin unsure...he LOOKS like a boxer) from a rescue. He is 6-7 months old, loves other dogs, kids and even cats. Is he housebroken...that is the question. As we all know, big dog = lots of pee. And don't forget the poop.

According to the rescue, he was at a high kill shelter and they rescued him. He was an owner surrender. Anyone who has gone through the infamous boxer puppy phase and has lived to tell the tale knows it's no walk in the park.

It can be more like walking through the fragmented remains of what used to be furniture and throw pillows. Or underwires from your bra glinting in the sun on the living room rug. Survive pulling things out of his patootie and you're virtually guaranteed to be an EXCELLENT parent. Trust me.

He already weighs 50 lbs so they think he is going to be a big boy(currently called 'Sprout'). I wonder if he is the dog for us? It's so easy to just go an buy a new puppy. They are like the blank hard drive in a computer, usually. But these adolescents that people buy as puppies only to figure out that they are WAY more than just cute. They don't know what to do with that energy and poof! Somehow they become the wrong dog. We shall see...(will probably be kicking myself hard).

Love, Heidi

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