Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cat's Meow

A few notes before I rush upstairs to beautify myself for more job shadowing... I sent out a letter of inquiry to a company about a possible internship. Unfortunatley, they don't need anyone, but I did get a note back saying they liked my website. That alone is cool to me. Someone took the time to look at my work and comment. Most places would just not respond at all. So, yay!

I received a really surprising email this weekend from an award winning designer saying they were "blown away" by my work. On top of that cherry they said I "had a bright future" in this field. How cool is that? I was stoked and still am.

I bought True a vintage Garfield fish tank on ebay. It's pretty cute: his belly is a bowl and that's where the fish are. It's over 30 years old and doesn't leak! Last night my friend took him to Petsmart and bought him all the stuff for the tank: a heater, an oxygenator, rocks and three little fish he named Sharpie, Nemo and Leafy. Pretty cute.

Love, Heidi

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