Thursday, January 21, 2010

Garfield Stinks

For reals.

This cute little fish tank has turned into a skanky nightmare. Sharpie got the burial at sea early on when my friend came over to see why the water was so cloudy. I removed a filter like thing from the bottom and that made things better.

Then, the Guppie, Nemo gave birth to mystery fish. Over the next day or two I start to wonder why the scum eater hadn't been moving. He was dead. Sick! Leafy, the little black fish developed a freaky white fungus around his mouth. I ran out to Petsmart last night to buy something to treat it.

He was floating in the tank this morning.

That leaves, Nemo, the guppy as Darwin's Grand Champion. I cleaned everything this morning, adjusted the pH and put it all back together. Except I didn't put the gravel back, just some colored stones. That might just be the killer.

We'll see how long it lasts. I think we would have been better off just getting a Beta fish. As Prissy might have said, "I don't know nothin' 'bout keepin' no fishes'.

Saturday is the big day. There is a big storm coming our way, but we should be home before it gets really bad. Maggie, I wanted to tell you that the shelter I am getting the dog from rescues dogs from high kill shelters in Chicago and NW Indiana. She takes the ones that she feels deserve a chance from "Death Row"(her words). She didn't tell me which one it was, but I will try to find out. Ro-ray?

Love, Heidi

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