Monday, September 08, 2008


a funny thing happened when i got home from school on friday... some of you may already know because you're my friend and SF's nanny. or you may know because i called you. you could know because i stopped by. or maybe it was just a simple shout-out on facebook.

in any case, i was completely stunned when i got home from school to find a check from a gallery that is host to a national show. one of my framed prints sold for $1400. can i take the liberty of rounding up from $1366? i've been walking on sunshine ever since. i can't bring myself to deposit it just yet. i like to look at it. and since i'm prone to spending disposable income on things like keens and botox, i think i'll just hang on to it for a while.

-signed the 'arteest' formerly known as msmamma

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