Friday, September 12, 2008

the kindness of strangers

On my way home from class last night I saw a little old man walking his dog in the rain. As I drove by, I saw him smile at a female passerby as he crossed a beauty salon parking lot. I felt I had to go around the block and approach him.

Pulling up along the sidewalk I sprang out of my car and said,"Excuse me. sir? Could I take your photo with your dog? I'd have some prints made for you. I saw the two of you and thought it was so adorable how you were taking your dog for a walk."

"I suppose you could" he smiled and continued, "I shouldn't have taken her out in the rain."

She was sopped, but happy and spunky. I told him it looked like she was enjoying herself. I asked him his name and address. "What's your dog's name?"

He paused, under his breath he murmured, "oh, what do we call her..." He took a few seconds and said "Bear".

I went back and grabbed my camera and snapped three quick shots. I gave him my card and thanked him again. I got a kiss from the dog. Getting back in my car I watched them disappear slowly up the incline of the sidewalk in the misty drizzle. Bear sat down for the journey home. His smile was so warm, exuding kindness and gentleness. I'm so happy I went back for that moment.

Orville and Bear

Bear at the helm

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