Friday, September 05, 2008

under the milkyway tonight

last weekend i hung out on the roof of my parents boat house. my mom bought my dad a meade telescope and for years it sat unopened in their basement. apparently i was the anointed telescope erector. i can get really, really feisty when it comes to getting things like this put together. i had to mount and remount a few times before i realized i just had to pull down really hard to get to zero degrees. fvck.

once together i put it down on the boathouse roof and scanned the shoreline. i could see people's faces so cleary, if i knew WHO they were, i'd know them. leave my wandering eye to find a dude halfway across the lake whipping it out and watering the flowers. seriously, i think i could have counted his pubes one by one.

my last night there my mom and i sat and drank wine and looked at the stars with a blustering wind flowing through the night that only meant summer was over. looking up at the stars i felt chilled and invigorated and small but strong. each little star hanging its twinkling calling card out in the night for anyone anywhere to see like neon signs across the galaxy. we were here they said. we are here i answered.

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