Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Orville + Bear Update

I'm sitting here in this time capsule of a library(circa 1950) and my cell rings, LOUD. I forgot to shut it off and I'm fumbling. I accidentally hit speaker phone and then voice commands. "say a comand" BEEP "say a command" BEEP

I looked up the number via goog and here it was the man I took that crazy cute photo of with his dog. I walked out of the library and called him.

He thanked me and said he just loved them. I told him if he wanted more, just to call(I gave him 15 4" x 6" prints). He couldn't believe how nice they were because it was so misty out. He said he had enough for his Christmas cards. I melted.

I walked back into the library with a smile on my face as if were in love, floating back to this spot and its Computer Hardware Fundamentals drudgery. I'm still smiling though.

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