Sunday, November 18, 2007

Up All Night (almost)

I had the night to myself last night! The whole night, even this morning, as I type and drink a cup of Fair Trade, I can only think about how quiet the casa is. Like most single mothers with a free night in these parts, I did not go to one of the many dive bars and get completely shit faced. I like to save that for special occasions, like when The Godfather comes home from Miami. I don't know though, I just don't like it all that much any more. It's one thing to sip a bottle of red wine over the course of an evening, but I can no longer make my alma matter proud or keep up with The Bingers that we've so famously become.

I had a little film festival last night after attempting to get some Christmas shopping done. Rediculous.

Anyway, my first film of the night was "Fido." It's just bursting at the seams with Technicolor eyecandy goodness. The sets and costumes zing with shiny mid-century-modern love. Oh, and it's CANADIAN. I had no idea Canada had zombies. It's funny and an interesting metaphor as social commentary on the good ol' USA. Don't chit yourself(stealing your word, James), the Canucks hate us more than the Frogs. But how can you not love a movie with lines like:

But Bill, everyone has one!
We can't afford a zombie!

ZOMCON: When the heart stops, we start.

Old people can't be trusted.

I hate old people!

You crazy, wonderful zombie!

I don't want you to think anything we did is normal or okay in any way. (My FAVE)

After that gorgeous gem, I watched Apocalypto. I really wanted to see it because it was a huge chunk of my studies at Madison. It was alright. It's visually stunning and true to the violence. But really, it was nothing more than a formula of Braveheart. I will say there was alotta ass candy for the ladies. And cool tattoos. Enjoy.

I had three more movies to go and I decided the capper for the evening would be "Ju-On," the original Japanese movie that 'The Grudge' with Sarah Michelle Geller was based on. Apparently, there are some things that are very scary to the Japanese as culture...specifically, little boys in white body paint and faceless long black haired girls who crawl kind of Exorcist like down steps. I think this is a movie that seeps deep into your psyche. The images creep in and by the end, yeah, I was a little freaked out. I had some weird dreams. And I was wondering when the swamp girl would just pop out of the closet or something. And then the phone rang two times after 2:30AM. Who could have possibly been drunk dialing me? Who knows.

Just like those wild and wooly maniacal Mayans, I'm happy the sun is shining.

Still to come: Tideland and The History Boys