Saturday, November 03, 2007



The Halloween decorations are sad. They're being put away for the year. I always miss Buster the skeleton. He's my favorite. Bye, Sweeties. It's a cold and gorgeous Saturday morning and I'm enjoying it. SF is drinking hot chocolate and I'm going to scour the casa, put everything away and minimalize to prepare for whatever comes next. It's always nice to begin with a clean palate.

I can barely believe it, but I actually broke down and bought the elusive coffee maker. Okay, it was cheap and I couldn't refuse. I'm usually all about quality when it comes to buying stuff, but I have to chill on my caviar tastes for a while. I found a Senseo Supreme at Best Buy for $40(plus a rebate for a 'free' $2o Amex gift card, free tea pods, free cappucino pods, free Brabantia Stainless Pod container & mug). This morning I enjoyed a big robust cup of Kenyan coffee. SF fell asleep early last night(thank goodness for small mercies) and I found a plethora of gourmet pods available.

I can get Jamiacan Blue Mountain, 100% Kona etc. Right now, I'm drinking the Senseo pods, but they're pretty damn good for el cheapo. I'm digging it. Weeeeeeeeeee!