Friday, November 09, 2007

Good Vibes

bernard allison

I just came back from my parents new empty house(they're in Mexico) after some de-lish wine and hot-tubbing under the stars. It was a great day. The morning started out by being contacted by the person(hi L!) who runs Bernard Allison's My Space page. She asked me if she could use some of my photos and that the webmaster of his actual website may want to use one as well. YAY! So cool. He is such an amazing artist and the shots I took were during the Luther Memorial Weekend(his pop).

On top of that, I got a hello from an old friend. He's an incredible person and I am so happy for him. I hope he stays in touch. We had some memorable moments in college. I love you, man!

It's these little things that make everything so good. Oh yeah, and red wine and a sleeping three year old, too.