Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Dreams

As Jimmy noticed in the comments, yesterday at work I watched "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues." In the movie, there are lots of shots of Sandhill Cranes who eat Peyote buds and airplanes flying over a militant cowgirl ranch. We also watched "Follow that Food" with Gordon Elliot and there was a huge segment on champignons.

My coworker comes in this morning telling me he had a dream about big purple mushrooms and airplanes. My dream last night was really, really weird. I was at the dentist getting dentures. I decided to go with the "black ones". (I know...WTF?)

"Oh that will save you a ton of money," he says.

I'm getting nervous. I look at my teeth and think why am I doing this I'm only 38 years old.

"You know," I say, " I think I'm gonna hold off on this all together. I really don't think I need you to pull all of my perfectly healthy teeth. I think it would be a mistake."

"That's a great idea. There's no need for you to do all of that at this point," he says calmly and encouragingly.

I leave the dentist with a swing in my step and think he is the best dentist I've ever had. What a sweet, sweet man.

Now where in the hell did that come from? Black dentures. WTF.