Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mellen's Magini

I stole this from my favorite Mellen.. It's kind of Imagini. Just do a Google image search for each item and voila, instant visual DNA!

1.) Age at your next birthday:

2.) Place you'd like to travel to:

3.) Your favorite place:

4.) Your favorite objects:

5.) Your favorite food:

6.) Favorite Animal

7.) Favorite Color:

8.) Place where you were born:

9.) Place where you live:

10.) Name of a Past Pet:

11.) Name of a Past Love:

12.)BF's Nickname:

13.) Your First Name:

14.)Your Middle Name:

15.)Bad Habit(irritating is more like it)

16.)First Job:

17.)Grandmother's Name:

18.)College Major: