Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins (An Epic Tale)

Always in search of adventure, Snowflake and I jumped in our lovable GasPig and ventured to the Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival to take in all of its glory and bizarre ritual.

Pumpkin on Pumpkin Action

Patiently waiting for the Big Event

The "Technical Crew" readies the object of affection.

Dum Dum Di-Dum Da Da Da Da Da Da Dum...

That's over 1100lbs. of Pumpkin Lovin' Free Fallin'

smash 1
Alas, Poor Yorick,

We didn't know ye.

In a bizarre frenzy, young and old dash into the field
to stake a claim on a chunk of orange, or maybe a seed.

Exactly who got their meaty little paws
on this piece remains a mystery.
The surge- It felt like General Admission to Van Halen
circa 1980.

One of the few Girl Go Getters

trophy 1
"Donchu even think about taking this piece of pumpkin, lady!"

trophy 2
This little fella gave Snowflake a Ziploc for seeds that never materialized.
He was all to proud to pose with his trophy.

trophy 3
Now what the fvck you gonna do with that, little dude?

trophy 5
Of course! Compare size with your buddies.

trophy 4
Or pose with your sis.
You've gotta admire a girl with
grass stains on her knees
diving for a chunk of punk.