Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I don't think there is a time that I feel more alone than when I'm sick. I've been sick since the weekend of September 22 and finally, the fog is starting to clear. I can feel the poison squidging out of me. I became very close to the Mucinex Boys. Snowflake and I have shared this disgusting cough that sounds like we're hard core Lucky Strike smokers. I'm not the type to run quick to the doctor for every little sniffle.

In fact, I hate going to the doctor and I hate hospitals. I hate the way they smell. I like to think that we are more like dogs than we know. Our bodies are designed to fight off infection and if we over medicate, it ultimately will ruin us(are you going to slap me, Nutrix?). I don't believe in the flu shot. In my own little world of conspiracy thought, I think the population is a testing ground for the government.

It scares me to hear of staph infections bordering on flesh eating bacterias lurking in schools and other places we generally think of as sanitary. They say people don't use proper hand washing techniques. Why? Why can't people just wash their damn hands after they cough up a phlegm wad or wipe their ass? Is it too much too ask? Apparently so.

So I've spent the last month feeling generally depressed and sad and sick. It really does make you appreciate your body when it feels 'good.' Normal. Even on a bad day.

This sickness has given me the opportunity to watch every Harry Potter movie that's been released. I like them. I love the fact that they're chocked full of great English actors that can REALLY act. Kenneth Brannaugh as Guilderoy Lockheart is hilarious. And I've always had a thing for Alan Rickman. I think if I were younger, I would have read the books. I think that will be something Snowflake and I do together.

Last night I watched "The Holiday." Yeah, I bawled. I could so relate to Kate Winslet bundled up walking around in her house with a scarf on. Bawling. Feeling lonely. The difference being she didn't have a three year old monkey saying "Hold my legs so I can hang upside down" constantly.

Rosalie stopped by yesterday and brought me a tooth pick holder from Puerto Vallarta. It's a little sombrero clad figure laying on its tummy. It's made out of Fimo and you stick the toothpicks in its ass.

It wasn't chicken soup but it was just as good.