Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Neti, My Love

Last Spring I had a wicked sinus infection combined with the feeling of a million tiny daggers stabbing my throat and tossing sea salt on top of the wound for good measure. OUCH. This fall it has been back. I happened to be chatting with my really hot and crunchy friend, Annie, when she mentioned that she bought a Neti Pot for her hubs, Pedro.

Then I remembered the suggestions I got from Unrelaxed Dad and Dino last Spring when they swore by them. I went to Walgreen's and purchased one for $9.99 including 50 premixed packets of solution.

I'm now totally in love with my Neti Pot. I feel so good about it.

God, I feel fresh!

Maybe it's because I've been so sexually barren, but I'm almost tempted to say I'm more enamored of it than my trusty stealth Oral-B. When I think of sex, I think of wild tumbleweeds twirling across the lonely abandoned highway that is my womanhood.

Can you hear the wind blowing? I can. Thanks to Neti, my love.