Monday, December 17, 2007

Cloud 9

This past weekend, the "Peace on Earth" show at the New Horizons Gallery was judged. The idea of this show is to present your work along with words that inspired it. I submitted three pieces, including "Guarding Our Roots".

Turns out, that piece was the highest scoring work out of 97 pieces. I won "Best in Show"! The actual piece is approximately 20" x 30" and framed in a kick ass galvanized, corrugated frame. The judge was from the LYWAM and said that my piece was one she would actually buy for her own home! Not only that, but my piece beat work from a "Birds in Art" artist. I am humbled by that and completely jazzed. I want to yodel from the mountain tops. After all, my name IS Heidi.

But wait, there's more!

Another piece won an Award of Excellence. I'm still a little shell-shocked and amazed and feeling floaty.

My brother started calling me an "arteest". Can I really call myself that? It's just weird.