Sunday, December 30, 2007


Since just before Christmas, Snowflake and I have busy digging out of endless snowbanks. Yesterday I went on a mission to find us some skates. We went to Play It Again Sports and I found a kickass pair of black leather skates for me made in "West Germany". Hell yeah, they're cool. I want to find some skull and crossbones patches and have them sewn on. Snowflake wasn't as lucky. Or was he?

Hockey skates were too big and they didn't have any regular boys skates. I finally found a brand new pair that fit. The problem...they're totally white. I bought them anyway and we went skating 'downtown' on the lovely and charming city square. Think Norman Rockwell or Thomas "Buttfvck" Kinkade and you're there.

Snowflake had a blast. I was just relieved I didn't fall and crack my noggin' open or break a tooth. When we got home, my friend brought over a case of acrylic paint and I let Snowflake paint his skates. When he was finished I decided to embellish them a little more. Who am I to waste good paint? The result: custom blades of glory. Look out girls, hot feet coming through!

That's SF in the background on his new Gary Fisher bike.