Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time for W(h)ine

Some days I just want to chuck it all and run away. I dream of the hardcore style of my exit in which I just jump in the car one morning after Snowflake has gone to school and burn rubber. I say fuck it all.

The past two days have been shitty. Super shitty. I don't know if Montesorri is for Snowflake. When I pick him up, he fights leaving, always wanting to finish his task. Then his 'teachers' get stern and reiterrate that it's time to go.

They've told me he needs to stop calling kids names. Recently he's picked up HATE from one of his classmates. Yesterday when I ppicked him up, this little girl, whom I have seen act like a spoiled shitface(yeah, I'm name calling) said, "Snowflake calls us names!"

I said, "Yeah, I've told him that's not acceptable, but I also think it's his way of being creative with words". While I'm talking, SF wrinkles up his nose and contorts his face at her.

"And he makes that face at us too!" she squeaks.

"Yes," I say, "he's a crazy little guy" and we leave.

This is the same girl I've seen hoof and stomp around saying in a waaaaaa waaaaa voice, "I'm a BAAAAAAAAABBBY! I'm a BAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBY!" Whatever.

From there we went to the dentist where he freaked out by wailing and crying the entire time they filled his cavity. He DID however listen to them and kept his hands on his tummy. When he was done, wet tears streaking down his chubby cheeks, he said he wanted a surprise(junk toys made in china in plush puppy shaped basket). No one said anything. He said it again. His dentist then starts in with,

"Surprises are for good boys and girls who listen and you didn't listen very well, did you?" More crying. We eventually leave. I don't even know if I want to go back there. Fuck.

Today when I picked him up I was informed that he had a really bad day. He didn't cooperate at nap time and he called everyone names. Miss A said she actually had to take a few minutes in the bathroom to regroup after he said "I hate you" repeatedly. It just really pisses me off because I don't even READ the word hate to him if it's in one of his books(for example "How the Grinch Stole Christmas").

Miss A who is sweet and helpful then started to tell me what the another teacher did with her son(yeah, the one who taught the word hate). Something about writing all the bad words down on slips of paper, letting him say them as many times as he wanted and then putting them in a jar, symbolizing that they can no longer be said because they are "bad" words. I honestly think it's too primitive for my kid. He knows better. And let me just say his name calling usually amounts to some suffix added like pat, cake, pit, etc.

In punishment that doesn't equal the crime, I told him when he has a bad day(if he calls names, etc) at school, he will have dinner and go to bed. I hate it. How am I supposed to punish him for something I'm not witness to? It sucks. I've been warning him for weeks, telling him that Santa isn't coming. I've thought about saving his toys for his birthday and just let him open presents from other people. I don't want to have an assy brat. At the same time, this town is so full of cliquey assiness that I wonder if it isn't just the kids of the totally assy. FUCK.

I almost want to say FUCK SANTA. How ironic is it that I bought him a gigantic lump of coal at TJ Maxx today? Poor fella. I love him so much.