Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'd Drive a Vulva


Last night I did a favor for my mother by venturing into Wal-Mart to get XBox 360 games for her. She's totally hardcore into the scene buying them for my nephew for Christmas. SF conveniently fell asleep so I had to do her dirty work. I pulled in next to this heinous beauty. Some beotch actually beeped at me to get the fvck out of her way so she could get into the parking space. I just smiled and walked into Hell.

Seriously, you couldn't pay me enough money to drive this Pepto-Bismal dismal bismark. I'd rather drive a Hunter Orange Pontiac Aztec. I think the slogan for this should be,

"Wouldn't you really rather drive a vulva?" or

"No, it's not a Volvo, it's a vulva!"

YAY! YIPPEE! YAHOO! As I was typing this I received a phone call from the CVA and they accepted one of my pieces for their Midwest Winter Exhibition! So, what I'm saying is, under the right circumstances, I could be persuaded to drive ANYTHING, even this dog dick wonder. YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!