Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My brother was fishing, fishing all day. He never even came up to use the loo so I assume he peed in the scrubby brush. My mom went down to check on him because even though he's 33, he's still her baby. And I'm sure she was wondering if he was drinking beer.

He had a big pail of suckers or something and all of their heads were sticking up in the bucket. I had to see it for myself so I snuck out of the cottage and went down to the dock.

Sure enough, there sat a bucket full of fish, their heads poking up as they suffocated in the spent water. They popped up and made little 'puh' 'puh' noises as their mouths opened, quietly gasping. They were so elegant and tragic. I wished he'd throw them back but he was giving them to the neighbors. He said they were 'problem' fish anyway.

Just then he hooked something huge and ordered me to grab the net. Another big ass nuisance, a carp or a Dogfish. One more for the hillbillies next door. I wondered what the hell they were going to do with them. I just wanted him to let them go.

Or at the very least, give them some fresh water in the pail as a gift before dying.