Tuesday, April 01, 2008

These Days

When I got home there was a message on my machine from Rosalie. By message I mean this: it was a four minute garbled-y static that sounded like a dog sniffing or licking at the phone.

My caller ID said she rang at 8:18AM. SHIT! I'm thinking, that's like eight hours ago. I dialed her number and it went right to voicemail. At this point I'm a little nervous. For some reason I am predisposed to thinking 'worst case scenario' these days.

I told SF I was running up the hill to check on her and told him not to answer the door. I rang her wireless doorbell and started pounding on the screendoor.

Calmly the inner door opens and she nimbles out to me. I explain my concerns.

She relates how she was driving at the time and somehow must have bumped my number. I told her I was relieved and gave her a hug. She felt so fragile and smelled so sweet. It almost made me forget about the conversation we had about her bladder.