Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last night, SF, Petunia and I went junkin'. Junkin' is scavenging the hurlyburly piles of debris that the denizens of this fine fair city are allowed to foist upon the curb every Spring. Send out your piss soaked mattresses piled as high as pizza pie in the sky! Scrap metal, ugly furniture and the dirtiest couches you've ever seen line the streets. Snowblowers, lawnmowers and charcoal grills catcall to you a few years too late. Here we found a whole bag of ethnic goodies that some guy said looked Mexican. I think not. They're definitely more Asian. We left them for some crafter type to find.

SF just liked saying the word junkin'.

We were looking for the cool stuff. We found it in a bin not far from the metropolis' epicenter. Glassware. Unique vases, a gigantic round goldfish bowl and a blue goblet that could serve as the wine glass of a giant. Or me when I'm feeling debaucherous. Then there was this open ended bong-like lab glass piece.

I think it cleaned up purty nice fer free.