Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Go From Here

This morning I was cringing at the thought of the usual drop off for SF. I could feel the anxiety rising as she came toward the car and asked how we were doing this morning.

"Oh fine" I said dryly.

"You know, I'm sorry I missed your call again. When it's a phone number I don't recognize, I don't answer it and by the time I check my messages it's too late to call" she said.

"I'm the same way" I said.

"You know I was going to call you this morning just for a mother to mother chat. We(the teachers) were talking about how SF is one of those kids you'll never forget, you'll remember him when you're 60. He is extremely bright and he's figuring things out that we don't want him to figure out yet" she continued.

I was relieved and shocked and comforted by her words.

"I know how you feel" she said, "just when you think you've turned a corner, you're right back where you started."

It felt like a brick had been lifted off my chest. My friend and I often discuss how our boys behave, but he's still at home so I don't have anyone to compare notes with.
He's just been a little squirrely. Normal boy behavior. I just take it so hard. His tea making priviledges were taken away because he can't control the sugar bowl. He dumped an entire bowl of Trader Joe's into his cup.

"At least it was good sugar" I remember one of his teachers quipping.

I know I 'm going to have my hands full for the next fifteen years. I will keep the lines of communication open, never assume things(this is a struggle as I tend to analyze everything) and be present and loving* to my little wunderkind.

*even when he's pushing my buttons or ignoring my suggestions or talking like "bwah-ba-bwah-ba-bwah"