Sunday, March 02, 2008

Skin Deep

I was meandering around TJ Maxx with my mom yesterday when I came across these. I'm all for staying as young looking as I can for as long as possible without being sandblasted or chemically peeled(yet). I also think that there is something to "it's what's inside that counts."

Plus, I really like to try new and alternative treatments.

TJ's original price was $39.99 for 60 packets(2x a day = thirty day supply). In my current Dole Pineapple-like existence I would have to pass. O, but Dear Reader, I didn't have to when they were now marked down to $10 a box. My impulsive streak could afford this! I bought two boxes and went back for the third and only box left today.

Imagine my freaking surprise when I saw the retail price of $100 a box on the website! Yeah, so let me clarify this: $300 worth of trendy nutriceutical skincare for $30(that's cheaper than popular OTC brands like Olay). I'll giv'er a whirl! In 90 days I should look as smooth as a baby's ass, or feel like an ass. Stay tuned...