Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Night Birthday

Snowflake had a really great day at school. I was so happy, especially after spending the morning reading "Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys". It's an amazing book. My friend had seen the PBS special and said it was really eye-opening. So far it seems essential to anyone who wants to really understand the difference in which we treat boys and girls from birth. It makes sense. I can see the lives of my brothers in this book. Especially my brother who is no longer alive.

I had bought a new DoughMakers 9" square baking pan. Why? When I showed it to SF he suggested we make a birthday cake and celebrate. That sounded good to me. Together we made an Irish Butter Cake with Irish Cream Cheese Frosting.

We had to go to the store because the only baking powder I had was from my polish granny circa early 90's. The hilarious thing is that she gave it to me in 1994 and it expired in 1989. It's in a cool old metal can. I ended up buying more Kerrygold butter and some Droste Dutch process cocoa because I'm feeling very epicurian lately. It's nice to have with my Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Whatev.

It was delish and the first cake I've made from scratch(or in my home for that matter). Love the new pan. He put the candles on and I lit them up. He blew them out with gusto as we celebrated his third birthday for the second and probably the last time. Afterwards I sang Happy Birthday to him and he blushed. Happy Birthday my creative, curious and boistrous babe. I love you my sweet little baby boy.