Monday, February 25, 2008

Crazy (by crazy I mean train...)


This is me flying down Grand Ave shooting pictures at 35 MPH. This guy lived downstairs from my friend. He's given to whimsical moments of kicking his bike out in traffic and bitching aloud about nonsense only he understands. Poor fella. She said he was faking it.

I had a few glasses of vino and about five or six dark chocolate fake De Met's(by fake I mean Nestle) turtles. Thanks for fucking up a good thing Nestle. Snowflake(by SF I mean me) had to do a "Peace Report" featuring a country of his nationality. He won't tell you that he picked Poland. He'll say he picked "Polish". He ( I mean me) had to take a cereal box and decorate it with fervor. I put SF shirtless in goggles wearing his striped pants standing in front of the Polish flag (using CS2) and listed famous Poles, including the North and the South. Har Har. (and Hot Lips Houlihan). On the reverse is Falat's self portrait from 1896(on the side he's with SF conferring).

Getting to the point, tomorrow we are invited to come and view the cereal boxes at school. Yes, my hair bristles at the thought. If I had a big fattie (by big fattie I mean marijuana joint, by joint I mean cigarillo, by cigarillo I mean cigarette), I might have just indulged myself before school. Something I have never done. I think Julian(by Julian I mean Falat) is sexy and says, "why not Ms Mamma, why not?" Keeess me you fool. Maybe I will Julian, maybe I will. XO

ps...this weekend my mom said I looked like "that rock star, oh you know... the one...the rock star she said, married to Sharon, you know" with my round sunglasses on.