Thursday, January 10, 2008

Street Urchin Scrounge

This afternoon while I was looking for 'jobs' I ate some raw sugar snap peas. It must have been a shock to my system to have all of that greeness come down the pipe. That, or the Guatemalan poop used to fertilize them at 6000 feet. I was nauseous. I ate a cracker. I watched part of the movie "Thirteen".

Suddenly it was time to pick up my little sprite and I dashed out the door, ready to spew at any second. On the way there I noticed the debris of some expunged renter. A mountain of cast-offs piled the boulevard. I spied a Red Wagon and thought hmm...

As SF's teacher was buckling him in, I urged him to quickly cooperate so we could check out the curbside treasure before someone else snatched it up. I hopped out and it looked nice, almost new. Damn, one front wheel was missing! Consulting SF, I asked him if we should take it anyway and try to find a replacement part.

When we got home, I flipped it over and discovered a 1-800 number on the bottom along with the model and date of manufacture. Sure as shit, we have a new wheel on the way for $9.57 including shipping. The gods are smiling on me today. Perfect cure for nausea.