Monday, January 28, 2008

On Sucking

It's amazing how not working takes away from my blogging time. Seriously. The last thing I feel like spending time with is the computer, even though it's my sweet ancient baby in terms of its age and speed. I've had every intention of writing about the wonderful and beautiful scarf I received from LaLuna and the cool recycled bags Chrissy sent from the real Northwoods. I will get to it with pictures, I promise!

Bah. I spent the weekend painting my mom's living room. It's a big bastard of a room with 12 ft ceilings and we're both short, so it was a taxing nightmare. Special thanks go to GlamGranola for borrowing us her six foot plus ladder/husband. We couldn't have done it without you, Pedro!

Beyond the blue was a seriously demanding Sunday with SF that left me spending the $100 my mom gave me for helping her on parenting books from Barnes & Noble. No, I don't want your damn discount card for $25. You'd save $ effing thank you. But really, I'm okay.

I have figured the trick to controlling SF's behavior is via his access to the vacuum. Yes, the vacuum. He knows the difference between a Dyson, a Hoover, a Cone, a Shark and an Oreck. And he loves them all deeply. For good behavior he gets to vacuum after school. And if he isn't a good little drone, he won't have access. For him it will totally suck. How ironic.