Monday, January 07, 2008

Freaking Out = Stocking Up!

The morning of week #2 started well enough. Drop SF off and go to the Y. Worked out and decided to go to 'Big Lots' for 'reasonable', almost expired foodstuffs. I spent about $46 and got a plethora of organic food including Muir Glen soup and Barenaked Granola. Then I went and got a large size vanilla iced coffee.

I decided I should check out "Aldi" since I've never been and I'm watching my cents. Not the store for me. I didn't buy a thing. Then it was on to WalMart's evil seductor, Sam's Club where I bought water and some other things that totalled $136. Hmmmm, yeah. Thirty tablets of Airborne and the Princess Bride...

It was on to the grocery store for a few small things like chocolate Silk and fruit. The cart was full of perishables and came to $116. I did get a big bottle of zinfandel(not the girl drink drunk kind...this is RED, RED, RED).

I'm stocked up. Now all I gotta do is cook! Uh oh.