Monday, January 21, 2008

On the Dole

Here I am all out on the dole and I find myself spending money that I shouldn't. It all started on Friday at the artist's reception for the Midwest Winter Exhibition. My photo looked so glam and gorgeous. But...I saw this cool quirky little sculpture and I fell in love and decided to buy it. It's called "Electric Nest Warmer." It's a crazy little copper wire bird embellished with found objects(the beak is a two pronged coat hook, it's feet: two forked serving utensils) and sitting on blue wire nest. There is a big three prong cord sticking out from under the nest. Why, Heidi, why?

On Saturday I felt compelled to spell out Snowflake's full name in adorable letters from tatiri at Target to the tune of $50. WTF. It looks great though. In a flash of buyer's remorse it made me wish I hadn't given him two middle names. Oy.

Today I scored some gingerbread Wiltonware baking tins at a local cook's shop for $2.50 each(normally $10.99). I bought two. Now I can make 18 gingerbread men out of jello, brownie or cookie batter at the same time.

The hilarious bit? I've lived in my house for 14 years and I have NEVER made cookies ONCE.

Then it was on to Target to look for a decent stick vac. I'm sick of lugging in the Shop-Vac from the garage and then hulking it upstairs to get the daily infestation of boxer and pug hair sucked up.

I left without a new vacuum. I came home with a really cute red Isaac Mizrahi party dress($49.99 now only $12.48), a really cute camisole by the same($27 now only $6.98), a Bodum hot chocolate maker frother pot($29.99 now $7.48), four dark chocolate candy bars to make said chocolate and a couple of insulated covered cups to put that or whtaever SF drinks in the livingroom so it doesn't spill all over.

I can see myself now, all June Cleaver in the kitchen, apron tied on to protect that fancy dress as I toil away baking gingerbread man shaped chocolate chip cookies. Man, I love unemployment! It's definitely not pineapple. But it's sweet.