Friday, August 15, 2008

mello cello





me and my cello
me with mello cello

my uncle, who wired it up for me

I'm so happy. I finally completed the project I've been working on for most of the summer. I meticulously sanded an unplayable cello. It was music in itself as I wheeled my Bosch orbital all over its tired body. I wish I would have recorded the sound. After cutting out the template I drew for the face(and tons more sanding), I rejuvenated the old boy by staining him three different colors(and sanding). I finished off with about 20 layers of piano lacquer(and MORE sanding!). The colored inserts in the orifices are from those translucent velum-like Chinese take out boxes. I have two bulbs wired in the base to light it up. It's so totally gorgeous that I really want to keep it.

MY cello, along with a few violins, a couple of guitars and some cases were donated to local artists who agreed to take their time and talent and turn them into something fabulous for a charity auction(Wausau Conservatory of Music). I will be bidding on this or force my parents to. Then again, maybe there will be a heinous slip and fall, a tragic accident that renders Mello: MIA. Hmm...