Monday, August 25, 2008

Frank - The Movie

After nine straight hours of intense studying, I stopped at the store on my way home to pick up some din-din for SF and me. Fresh tomatoes(grown by SF) and cheese on baguettes with a side of redbox. Tonight's age appropriate, staight to video selection was "Frank". Awesome, I thought as I stared at the photo of what looked like a geriatric pug on the disc. Turns out, Frank is an uncared for, rough and tumble, wandering Mastiff, often mistaken for "The Creature", a mysterious beast who eats out of garbage cans and hangs in the local cemetery.

With all of its manipulative twists and turns culminating in a completely milked climax (combined with a rad case of PMS), I was bawling. And not just because Garrett Morris played Animal Control. OMG. Chocolate, please. If by chance Frank the Movie finds you, you'll love the dog and the idyllic vacation home owned by out of towners. SF loved it. In fact, he's watching it again. I'll be over here with a glass of cab taking deep breaths. xo

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