Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh, I... Had the Time of My Life

Saturday, September 22, 2007

9AM Woke up and threw on some clothes, forgot to brush teeth.

9:40 Leave house, get coffee(non-fat-triple-venti-WM add whip)

10-ish Went to Michael's(capital of overpriced craft shite from China) bought mini- easels.

10:15 Went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought two pieces of fabric to cover unsightly easels borrowed from neighbors. Am thinking the girls are looking at me strangely.

10:20 Get back to car, look in mirror. Have chunk of black coffee ground stuck in between front teeth. Looks like the beginning stages of crackhead teeth. I pick it out. Is this some weird moment of foreshadowing?

10:30 Pick up easels from rental place

11AM Get Chop salad w/ Tofu from Noodles.

Spend the afternoon loading up, getting things together &(showered and beautified).

3:30 Get 'downtown' and begin to unload. Forget an easel I left in the garage, run back home and come back.

4PM Unload and set-up. Chat with the lovely owners of the shop. They are super cordial and accommodating. Arrange and rearrange.

EVERYTHING LOOKS FUCKING FANTASTICO! (I look pretty damn fantastic, although my face sweats.)

5PM Exhibitourists start rolling in. You can definitely tell that some are only in it for the food.

5-8PM I have the best night of my life! It is amazing to sit back and watch people, I mean TOTAL STRANGERS react to my photographs. They laugh! They smile. They enjoyed! Many friends and family came to show their support. It was heartwarming and reassuring.
Memorable moments include:

Seeing the parents of my best friend from Kindergarten. They said they saw my name in the paper and had to come and see what I've been up to. They told me to keep on shooting.

A woman grabbed me by the wrist and called my work 'just delightful".

I was chatted up by many men. Married men(w/ their wives) who liked the photos of the cars I had.

A woman from the Aspirus Group asking me to participate in their live and silent auctions with my work.

The president of the Artists Guild coming to see my work and telling me that my stuff was excellent and has a unique perspective. She encouraged me to submit to their Fall Exhibition. (YAY! Work is for sale and you can win money too!)

I have gone through three boxes of Moo Cards(okay I have a few left, but that's close to 300 cards, baby).

I was so totally naturally sky high.

Afterwards, my friend Dave helped me load up and we met my brother and his GF/fiance for din-din. I had one glass of wine. We went to another cool little bar and had a beer. Then we went to a bar where my friend's husband was playing and I sipped on a Newcastle.

I can honestly say that I DO NOT like loud heavy live music anymore. And I felt stuffed. But wait, there's more...

I'm sitting with my brother's GF/fiance and she says,

"Oh, I have to tell you something really bad, but maybe I should wait".

I'm thinking it's something about my brother doing something idiotic as usual.

"Go ahead, tell me," I say.

(I should mention that Friday night was her 25th birthday. Before they went out I told them to stop by so I could give her a birthday present(which was fucking fabulous BTW)).

"I saw @^#$% on Friday night. He was at Roc's Place with a pregnant girl."

I'm a little stunned and slightly miffed as my light heart divebombs into the pits of skankville.

"I just went off on him, I think he was scared. Uh, oh, I probably shouldn't have told you," she says.

"Um, no that's okay. It's not your fault. I obviously have some things to deal with over it."

"He said, 'you don't even know what happened between us'", she says as I drift off far away to a time now and then where an idiot asshole refuses to be an adult. She just looks stupid and sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher at this point. Nothing happened between us. I thought and thought and at that moment I wanted to send him a type written note that said "I wish you were dead". That's all.

I would hate to be 30 and living my weekends in a bar with a skanky pregnant bitch who goes to TO A BAR and drinks Pepsi. I mean how the fuck did she know it was Pepsi anyway?

The thing that bothers me is that he's OUT THERE. A few blocks away. Dickhead.

I immediately wanted to leave. My friend Dave took me home. My brother went home too, but his GF/fiance stayed out with Dave. Whatever.

Yeah, it probably could have waited, doncha think?!

Other than that, it WAS the night of my life. And I'm going to be in three exhibitions this fall(all work is for sale and I can be awarded money)!

So shove that up your ass and smoke it, derelicts of Third Avenue.(I've always felt this way before, I swear, it's the truth and I owe it all to you ASSHOLE).